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We are happy about your visit and want you to find a peaceful place here where you can enjoy the lovingly prepared dishes, like in the old days, with a glass of wine. A lot of work goes into preparing the dishes, as we want to pamper you with Romanian home cooking. We want to treat you like nobility, not only through hospitality, but also through the quality of the dishes we serve. An old but very true saying goes: “Gastronomy is the art of creating happiness with food!” We assure you that behind the doors of Casa Miorita, hard-working chefs, kitchen helpers, and waiters are working to provide you with a pleasant time and good mood.


Food delivery

We are sure you will love our menu. Our chefs will prepare for you the most popular Romanian dishes. But you don’t have to believe us. Just order and see for yourself! If your order exceeds 45€, we will deliver the food for free, otherwise a fee of 5€ will be charged.

Culinary enjoyment for the whole family

Traditional Romanian cuisine

Our customers believe in us

Excellent hospitality

A glimpse into the world of Romanian cuisine can be found at Casa Miorita.

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